Editing Writing Services

Editing Writing Services offers professional and affordable editing services at your fingertips.

Rewriting and editing manuscripts requires methodical skills over and above linguistic expertise. Editing Writing Services has language savvy editors and can revamp your documents like never before…

Our editors are language experts. Give them a document for rewriting and they will deliver it to you looking fresh and new! No prizes for guessing that these skilled lingo masters can edit your manuscripts like a charm.

Our editors will overhaul your text to bring in the right tone and approach to suit the target audience.

Copyediting services involve:

  • Changing the theme and style of the presentation
  • Working on new ideas, and revamping content if required
  • Checking tone and approach
  • Updating information
  • Making manuscripts error-free

Our editors do substantive editing. They check your manuscripts closely to eliminate spelling, grammar, syntax and punctuation errors. They use the right words and expressions, improve readability and give your documents a professional touch. Finally, the content editors check the general accuracy and consistency of your texts.

Our versatile group of editors provides editing services in both UK and US English. Our editors specialize in data editing, editing rewriting, editing website content, paper editing, and editing written documents. Our editing services are inclusive of dictation services, technical editing, editing DVD services and more.

Editing Writing Services, outsourcing editing, copyediting, and translation services will be easier than you ever thought. An all-in-all English editing writing services company, we have that extra something that other editing companies have.

Projects Done

Thesis/ Dissertations

  • Business management
  • Agricultural research
  • Scientific and environmental studies
  • Political and world affairs
  • Arts and films
  • Medical analysis, etc

Business / Corporate

  • Company profiles
  • Reports
  • Plans
  • Presentations
  • Training material/ Tutorials, and others

Technical Editing Articles on modern gadgets Fiction

  • Novels
  • Short stories


  • Publicity Materials, Brochures, Flyers, Catalogues, Display Ads
  • Press Releases, Journal Articles
  • Direct Mail Content, Opt-in E-mail Communications, E-magazines, Newsletters
  • Financial Editing
  • Online Help-HTML and WinHelp, Online Documentation-HTML or PDF

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