About projectonclimatescience.org

The earth’s climate is indeed very complicated, and science is still far from perfect. It is important, for there is no planet B! That is where we come in! We exist to help you come up with ideas about what to write about concerning this very serious topic.

There are people opposed to the idea of Climate Change. Are they opposed because of the expense? Do they think the science is bogus? Do they object to the idea because they live inland and hope someday to have beach-front property? Are they afraid of the use of rare-earth metals within electric vehicles? Are they beholden to the petroleum industrial complex? Why may they think Climate Change predictions are bogus? Prove them wrong! 

By the way, most astronomers believe that within five to seven billion years, our present Earth will be within the Sun’s corona. Since the Sun is also a source of climate change, what can we do about that now to save the future? 

We are here for helping you generate ideas for your papers. We want to help you help save this world, through one less plastic bottle at a time. We want you to shape the ideas that will save our planet.